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Expanding Roles

As July starts to have form, the clash for survival between mind and heart is becoming stronger, the one increasingly aggressive and the other intent upon emergence.

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Sarah Everard and Lessons from the Past

The sad story of Sarah Everard, abducted and murdered as she walked through London last week, has raised many questions in many people and many memories in many women. 

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Two Moons and Mirrors

Almost 10 years ago I wrote a blog post about seeing two moons, and I am a little startled that it is being read and commented upon still by people far beyond and unknown to me, another inquiry reaching me last night. 

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Symbols of Renewal

In recent days a young heron has been visiting my ponds, hunting in the shallows waiting for a frog or newt to appear.  It is a shy, beautiful creature, a bird of the water and so of feminine emotion and of Spirit.

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I invite you to remember how it was and how you were when Earth was young, and so were you.

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Wrens Watching the World

It may be that you like me live in a Celtic land, as so many people increasingly are drawn to do.  Wherever you are now, it is probable that you have lived in Scotland, or Wales, or Brittany, or Cornwall, or Ireland or the Isle of Man at some point on your long soul journey.  The Celtic influence was strong too throughout much more of Europe in ancient times, and you may have been a part of it there also.

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Forever Here

As I walk the woods and lanes of a forgotten land, often alone and seeing no-one, I am surrounded by the ghosts of monks who walked here once upon a time on holy pilgrimage, by the farmers and labourers who toiled to make a hard living on rocky soil and steep mountains, by the women and children who harvested the wood of ash and alder and oak to make clogs and keep warm, and by the many creatures that have lived and died here over thousands of years. Despite the multitude of memory around me, it is spacious, and peaceful.

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Predictions for 2016


(Predictions for 2016 as  channelled through Claire Montanaro)


“It is a pleasure as always to be with you, Our children of the Light.

You ask about your year to come: it will be a remarkable year in many ways, and you will look back on the 2015 and you will see that all the peaks and troughs and challenges that it brought were a preparation for these months that lie ahead.

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