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A Full Moon for Humanity

Another Full Moon – but so special, since the cycle of divine closeness is at its strongest now as the third and last of the great annual spiritual festivals approaches – the Festival of Humanity, the Christ Festival, which takes place, this year, on 29thst May.

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Kennedy and Blatter, United at the June Full Moon

This week has been remarkable for memorable events, most notably the scandal enveloping Fifa and which has seen the promised resignation of Sepp Blatter, and also, at the same time, the unexpected death of Charles Kennedy.

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The Gemini Full Moon, the Festival of your Humanity

Friday 13th June 2014 may be remembered for being a Full Moon on an inauspicious day when Mercury is retrograde, and it is true that Mercury’s position will augment the powerful energetic force of the Gemini Full Moon: you may feel it in disturbed sleep or heightened awareness, or it could be a day of happenings for you.

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