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All that I have is Yours


“All that I have is yours” is a statement often and loosely used to indicate a relationship commitment, perhaps, or the generosity of hospitality. Sometimes it is said flippantly or ironically, insincere words that are quickly forgotten.

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Easter, and the Resurrection of your Soul

The Easter spiritual festival is special, for Easter is not only about the resurrection of Jesus, but it is also about the resurrection of the soul – your soul.

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Easter’s Reminder of the Greatest Prize

I write as the Easter Full Moon comes into its climax, and, fittingly, at this time of completion, a heavy fire burns out of control on the mountains opposite my home, consuming old bracken and other dying vegetation and covering the skies with grey fog. Whether the fire was started maliciously or not I do not know, but even though it is creating grievous damage, it is serving to prepare the ground for new life.

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Listening to God, this Easter

For many years Easter was a difficult time for me, filled with the memory of the suffering and loss of the Crucifixion, re-surfacing lifetime after lifetime. The Christian joy of the story of the Resurrection, following the sorrow, did not touch me. It was quite recently that I was able to lay to rest those personal ghosts of the past and see, gratefully, the need for the Easter story and its significance as a milestone on the human journey to our shared spiritual destiny.

Word of God

The Word of God

However much the details may have been altered over time, the life and death of Jesus have taught us about the importance of unconditional love for ourselves and within our community, about acceptance, integrity and kindness. He is known as the Son of God and was the Messenger for God at a time when we had forgotten how to hear, or to listen.

We do not need messengers, or intermediaries, now. It is time to hear the voice of God directly, you and I, in the wind and the birdsong, in the running waters and especially in the silence.

I encourage you, this Easter, as life begins and ends with the changing seasons, as people celebrate and mourn perhaps, to find the time to listen to the silence which is around you always even in the busiest surroundings; so doing will take you to a place of peace far from human frailty, a place and state of being where you will find inspiration in God’s message, spoken just for you.

(This article was taken from my latest Spiritual Update……)


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Epiphany, and Returning to Reality

Epiphany, celebrated each year on 6th January, marks the ending of modern Christmas celebrations and, biblically, the visit of the Wise Men to baby Jesus, with gifts. Both events bring us back to the reality of our relationship with ourselves, our world, and what lies beyond.

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Mandela – the Dying and the Lasting of a Great Light

It seemed right for me to delay writing about the death of Nelson Mandela until three days had passed, until the time when his soul had completed its journey of separation from the world of physicality. It is now.

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The New Hunt for Missing Nazis – a Moral Dilemma

Even though we may not be involved in it directly, being witness to a moral dilemma can help our understanding of who we are; the new hunt for surviving Nazi war criminals living in Germany gives much food for thought.

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The Church Synod on Women Bishops, and the Divine Feminine

The Synod’s rejection of women bishops may, ironically, bring about the Church that Jesus would have loved, rather than that which was created by men for power.

Whenever there is an act which is shocking, ridiculous or unacceptable to the majority of a population, the very act precipitates the change it was intended to avoid, and so it is now. The Synod, made up of eminent and usually respected men and women has by its rejection once again of the idea of equality caused itself to look old fashioned to say the least, also chauvinistic and unrealistic.

Mother Mary, the Divine Feminine

Mother Mary, the Divine Feminine

It has done itself much damage by its decision to bar women from high office, particularly since the right for women to be bishops and more will be imposed upon the Church by secular choice now, as a result. While, ironically, the majority of members, encouraged by the current and future heads, wanted a rule change and will welcome a solution from elsewhere, they will be judged to be opposed, and they will have been, all of them, greatly disempowered by this blatant and unfair dishonouring.

The public will not wait another five years or so for the Church to vote again on whether to allow women bishops, it will demand action now, and rightly so. Throughout the Christian Church’s history, from its establishment, women have been barred except in a menial role, and this historic discrimination and dishonouring, an idea much abhorred by Jesus, must stop. It is not tolerated by law or principle anywhere else and there is no justification for it to be maintained because the Bible, a book of articles written not by God or Jesus but by men, says so.

We live not in the past but in the present and for the future, and at the core of our present and our future is the union of the divine masculine and feminine in unconditional love. Where better can this be reflected and taught by example but in the religions and churches of the world? Perhaps the outcry over the prejudice shown by the Synod on women bishops and equality will, at last, and thankfully, bring about the Church that Jesus truly would have wanted.

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