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Full Moons and Cosmic Rays

The Cosmic Rays affect everything, highlighting inherent strengths and weaknesses and forcing change through our reactions.  All opportunity and challenge in life are a result of how we see and use the Rays, particularly those that are significant to us personally.

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A Full Moon of Light, and Hope

The Moon is full as I write, yet the sky is filled with light even in the middle of this warm July night. Birds are singing quietly in the bushes when they should be sleeping, kept awake by this strange night-light, and the mountains all around me are alert. It is very still, but a thread of wind sighs and stirs.

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A Stormy July Full Moon, Today

It is no coincidence, and fitting that today’s full moon for July introduces the breaking of the heatwave here in the UK with thunderstorms and, after weeks of an excess of heat, a surfeit of water. Natural explosion is occurring elsewhere, too, with significant earthquakes reported in New Zealand and now China this weekend, with perhaps more to come. It is that time.

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