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That am I?

The new full moon approaches, strongly influenced this time by Leo, so full of strength and power and drive and worldly presence.  It is the month of all months in the annual calendar when the focus should be on the human self, and yet, this time, the sense of self is slipping away, leaving an ambiguity of identity and a space where the human being is meant to be.  Who are you?

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Mercury Retrograde Playing the Lion

It is no coincidence that the retrograde Mercury which began last week is governed esoterically by Leo, the sign of individuality, of power, and of truth, at a time when our world is in confusion as to whether it wishes to be governed by the Fish or the Water Bearer, illusion or reality, ego or inclusiveness.

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Friday’s Full Moon, All about the Heart

Astrologically speaking, July 2015 is unusual in that 2 Full Moons fall in the month, one, esoterically speaking, in the sign of Cancer, the other in Leo. Each is very different from the other.

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