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Boris and the Path of Light

A well-known journalist talking about Boris Johnson and his work more generally recently explained how in order to write his column well he needed to be angry: he fuelled his fury by throwing cups at the wall and papers on the floor, shouting, swearing, until he was filled with the energy he needed to translate his feelings into writing.  His articles, unsurprisingly, are negative – critical of people, of policy and of actions.  They are read by many people who will hear the invective behind, and will believe the words they read from someone they respect.  They may repeat them too, spreading the bile further into their own community.

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Philippine Desperation and Media Scrutiny

The world media has descended on the Philippines to record the misery of the islanders after the destructive storm of the weekend. While it is right that we should know of a tragedy affecting thousands of people who are homeless and hungry, it must seem almost offensive to those who suffer to see well fed journalists and film crews driving around their lost cities, observing and commenting like naturalists watching the activities of an ant colony that has been dispossessed. I wonder how many of them give up their food and water to starving, thirsty Philippinos who have lost everything?

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The Dishonouring of Nelson Mandela

Memories of Nelson Mandela will be of a man of great dignity, a wise statesman with vision and profound compassion. He has been the loving head of a large family, and also a private man, an inspiration and guide to many. He has suffered for his beliefs and, while now a very rich man, has put the welfare of his country and his people first, always.

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