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Breaking Free

The beginning of 2020 saw the first public signs of a pandemic that broke global cohesion and changed society in ways that were far more profound than is understood even now.  The astrological design of the time reflected what was happening, and it is significant that some key features relating to Pluto, Saturn and Mars are being repeated this month, but with the added hazard of a strong Mercury Retrograde.

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Carpe Diem

Every day, red kites and buzzards fly around an old tree stump in my garden, looking to see if there is food for them to take.  Often there is: besides (safe) scraps that may be left, death is a fact of life in a wildlife garden, and here a vole or any creature that is found dead is placed upon the stump, respectfully, and given the chance of new life through natural recycling. 

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Coronavirus, and the Reversal of Equality

COVID-19, already, has teased and tested each of us, bringing out through our experiences and reactions glimpses of the truth of who we are.  I speak not of being ill, necessarily, but of being a part, a witness and a participant, to events far greater than the current situation may indicate. 

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