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Karma in Ukraine – and Putin’s Revenge

As events in Ukraine spiral out of expectation, while President Putin speaks his mind, other countries seem content to observe and to comment but with the clear intent of non-involvement. It is easy to stand back and utter platitudes that achieve nothing, but not so easy to accept the share of responsibility for this critical situation that is due from all of us. We have created karma, and Ukraine too is in its own distinct karmic pattern.

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Shades of Syria in Ukraine: a Time for Restraint

The crisis in Ukraine has sad similarities to what occurred in Syria: in both situations Russia and the US (along with other western allies) supported different sides; civil war has been an outcome in Syria and is threatened in Ukraine; each country is or was a civilised land of historical, geopolitical and economic significance; and the two incumbent regimes  have inflicted great harm on their people. What has happened in Syria serves as a stark warning for the players involved in the potential collapse of Ukraine.

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