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Technology – a Tool not a Master

When Mercury stopped being in retrograde in the middle of April, I hoped that it would bring to an end the series of inconveniences that had interrupted the free flow of my life and work for some time. I discovered it was not to be.

The challenges came mostly through technology. The internet service was more erratic than usual, usually stopping in the early morning when I was answering emails and needing it most; I received scam emails of such a particularly unpleasant nature that the police became involved; issues of ownership and legalities arose out of nowhere (another scam but one needing legal intervention); and the revelations about the misuse of data by Facebook and potentially others caused me to question if and how far I should use social media for my work, and how to communicate with the world more generally. And there was more.

I have enjoyed the internet very much for information, communication and shopping, but feel now like a child who has eaten a surfeit of chocolate at Easter, and feels sick at the sight of it as a result. It is a necessity for my work, but I have a reluctance to use it otherwise. It has revived my self-questioning about if and how far to use social media for my work, and indeed, how to work altogether in the future.

The distractions and disturbances in my life, minor though they are, have served to remind me about my need to be focused and clear-sighted, and to deal practically with issues that arise as soon as possible before they become serious impediments to my work and life, asking for help where necessary to achieve a resolution quickly and satisfactorily. Above all, I recognise that technology is a tool not a master, and I must choose well how and when to use the tool, to serve the highest good.

As I look forward, I wonder if our dependency on it, and its potential for abuse, will bring about its downfall? I am seeking a new way of communicating that is fair and universal: it is so close, but I cannot identify it, nor find it – yet. I watch, and wait.

It is interesting how my small dilemmas and challenges are being repeated in their own way for people more generally. So many people I talk to are saying that they too are being tested – perhaps with money issues, perhaps in relationships, or with health. It reinforces a belief I hold that this point at a time of great planetary change is one where hard karmic lessons are being presented to us starkly, in order to resolve them once and for all; we cannot move to our new dimensional home until outstanding karma is cleared. It applies to humanity as a race too, as world events show.

All our tests, technological or otherwise, serve a purpose, and when they are done, we are clear and ready for a new way of being. There is a gift in everything.



2 thoughts on “Technology – a Tool not a Master

  1. As the masters said there will be `glitches` re technology to remind us we are far too dependant upon it! sorry to hear you were scammed & worse……I noticed only ever get phone calls from three friends who like me use it occasionally/work & prefer to communicate `in person` rather than emails…..Im really not intreasted in reading updates on Facebook to find out whats going on with their lives…. rather face to face like in the” good old days”…..Far too many people are constantly looking at their phones 24/7 which i find alarming….I just travelled up & back to London this week…90% people on their phones, not even looking up until they needed to alight from train to their station?? worrying indeed! Were some of the problems due to Facebook selling your data & other dubious questionable stuff they ve been up to claire??

    • Thank you for your wise words, Sat Kartar.
      No, my issues were not related to Facebook, but were the result of random trawls of the Internet by bots that happened to find me, and many others no doubt. Sadly it is something that is happening more and more, and everyone who uses the internet is vulnerable to malicious scams. This is why, for me, less is more!

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“There is a gift in everything”