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The Active Ring of Fire, Gaia, and Human Karma

There has been significant volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire, the horseshoe-shaped area in the Pacific basin that touches many countries including South America, the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, New Zealand and Antarctica. 10 large volcanoes have erupted recently, creating a new island off Japan and major disturbance elsewhere: in just the last few days, in Indonesia a dormant volcano has come to life violently, causing the highest alert level possible.

This sort of activity is not confined to the Pacific, for there is other evidence of the Planet coming to life, off the Falkland Islands, in Pakistan and in Europe, at least. It is no coincidence that these earth eruptions are mirrored simultaneously by intense storms, solar flares and, of course, the passage of Comet Ison – our world is exploding, letting off steam in every sense in preparation for what lies ahead, and Gaia is showing her strength.

Pacific Ring of Fire

Pacific Ring of Fire

Our external environment is a reflection of our inner consciousness. Just as your home exemplifies you, so too in a broader sense the Planet reflects humanity: parts of it are being starved just as many people are imposing spiritual starvation upon themselves; parts are being poisoned, and we poison ourselves too through chemicals and medications; we have separated from planetary life and have distanced ourselves from Spirit; the Planet, intrinsically, is beautiful, perfect, just as we are – but we are tarnishing our precious world and allowing ourselves to be tarnished too. When the Planet explodes, it means there is explosion in us also.

I have been aware for some time that this is a time of crisis for many people, and that issues long-suppressed are coming to the surface to be addressed once and for all. It is a time when we are being called upon, without equivocation or even choice, to clear our outstanding karma however painful it may be. Some men and women have a lot to do as reminders affecting relationships, money, self-worth, and power are forced upon their awareness sometimes simultaneously, in order to bring clarity, acceptance and truth into their lives. It has to be done, and now, in order to be ready to accompany Gaia on her onward journey of change.

If you feel explosion in your life, expression of anger, perhaps, confrontation or conflict, if your physicality screams at you with pain, remember that you are not alone in your discomfort: while other humans suffer like you, Earth, too, is expressing her karmic needs. The active Ring of Fire, unremarked but so remarkable, tells us so much more than it may seem. 


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