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The Blood Moon, and the Hand of God

As much of the world is consumed by relentless solar fire power, it is no coincidence that the strongest, longest Blood Moon of the century will occur just as heavy storms break the heat and Mercury dances backwards, along with several other planets. The portents of momentous events to come are in place.

A Blood Moon occurs when a lunar eclipse causes light waves striking the surface of the moon to appear red. The eclipse, in the UK, will be at its strongest and most powerful at 9.21 BST on Friday evening: it could be a startling phenomenon indeed, if we are lucky, to see the moon, blood-red and enlarged, in the midst of lightning flashes and crashes of thunder accompanied here and there by torrential rain.

The Blood Moon will last for nearly 2 hours, and so it is possible there will be a cosmic show that is incredible in its visual intensity and humbling in its power. If you watch it, if you feel it, it will be impossible not to be touched by it.

This will be the fourth in a series of Blood Moons, and legend has it that it will both signify the end of the world as we know it, and the return of the Christ. One prophecy relates the presence of lightning at the time of the Blood Moon as being significant for both events, and so the storms forecast for Friday are of particular relevance to those who see the hand of God at work everywhere, and the messages of love and change in anything and everything of note.

Greeks and Romans and many of our ancestors would see any Blood Moon, particularly one accompanied by great storms electrifying the night skies, as being omens of catastrophe, the punishment to come of angry gods upon an errant humanity. An omen does not have to be ominous: an omen can be a reminder of what we need to remember or do, of what may occur and why; it can be a prediction and a metaphor, and an opportunity to prepare, without fear. These are exciting times, and every day brings a signpost of where we are heading, and if we need to adjust our route: do you have the courage to read it? And to believe what it says? The message may be confused by Mercury until the middle of August, but deciphering the code will make the information it contains all the more important.

On Friday, as the Blood Moon swells to her maximum red magnificence, observe all that happens with care, whether it be events in the world or events in your life. Watch how you feel, and remember that your words and actions will contribute to the energy of planetary change directly. What you do and how you are changes everything, particularly at a time of such great spiritual importance as this. The hand of God is on your shoulders, and the love of God is in your heart.



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“The portents of momentous events to come are in place”