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The Breath of God, this Christmas

The Breath of God is being held still and steady as the family of God waits. It is a cosmic, infinite family and you and I are part of the family too: so we wait also.

The Breath of GodWhat are we waiting for? So much… immediate terms and to differing degrees we await the results of a powerful Solstice, the new moon and moons to come, the celebration of Christmas in religious or temporal terms, a new year of mystery, fiscal dissolution, political breakdown,  snow and sunshine, climate change, truths we may prefer not to hear. These will come, with the inevitability of time passing second by second, but just as time one day will cease to be, so these anticipations will prove, in time, to be so transitory they are meaningless.

The Breath of God in its stillness holds us in safety and in love, and while we are so held, temporary spikes of disruption and surprise coming from our third-dimensional reality will mean nothing to us except as validation that the only certainty in this world is change, and that change will take us, carried on the breath of God, to a place and state of being where all there is, is love.

ChristmasIt is this that in our heart and soul we await, the completion of the Plan of God and our chance to be one with Spirit. For this, too, God waits, in patience and in love and in the knowledge you will deliver, perfectly. If you reflect on anything, remember that one truth, this Christmas, and as you do, feel the Breath of God upon you.

I send you much love, at this special, sacred time.



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