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The Cosmic Dance of Time


Time in its purist form is an aspect of life, of you, that is determined by you and derives from you.

Increasingly, as your body lightens and the light of your soul lights you, you will be magnificent in your independence and nothing will control you: you will fly on the wings of angels as you cross dimensions and embrace the wonders of the universe. You will be nothing and you will be everything, a being in human form but with the reflection of the Divine apparent in your eyes.

The Cosmic Dance of Time

The Dance to the Music of Time (Nicolas Poussin)

And you will be human still, for that is the human challenge, to be at once the spiritual in the material – and you will achieve this for it is what you came to Earth to do. This is what being is, and the nature of beingness is the secret of divine life and the heart of everything.

At this time, time becomes you and you become time, for time will be created through the rhythms and pulses which are you, aligned with those of Gaia, two hearts beating as one in perfect balance and in perfect harmony, and in a perfect cosmic dance. This is time in its purist form, and with time like this you can make miracles and achieve everything.

This is your future, this is your present. This is now, this is you.



2 thoughts on “The Cosmic Dance of Time

  1. G’day, Claire!

    In addition to your comments, one thing I’ve noted on this subject is also the need to clear karma. When opportunities come along to clear it, it is wise to take them. It’s rather like that old saw attributed to the French Foreign Legion: ‘Qui ose, gagne !’, n’est-ce pas ? 🙂

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