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The Crystal Heart of the Planet


At the heart of our planet is a great crystal, immense in size and stature*.

This crystal is the Spirit of all crystals everywhere, hugely powerful and all-knowing. In this great crystal beats the heart of Gaia, and She governs the planet also. She is the essence and the key for the past, present and future of Earth, and all who make Earth their home.

The Great CrystalThis special crystal manifests in times of need and also when spiritual balance is at its most perfect, when the pulse of humanity and of Spirit beat as one, when for the individual the soul and the personality work in highest harmony. There are long cycles of time when the crystal has lain forgotten and ignored, and then there are other epochs when She is celebrated and honoured as she deserves to be. The well-being of Earth depends upon Her.

She manifests, when times are right, in different ways and different guises. In Her place in the heart of the globe she glows pearl white, with a crystalline lustre which is the colour of the light of God, but when she rose into manifestation on the continent of Atlantis she was blue, the colour of healing and forgiveness, compassion and wisdom, teaching, and also of psychism: when Atlantis was at its greatest, the links with Spirit were constant and accessible, more than ever before, and certain ones with the gift and permission to work with Her were able to channel information of an extraordinary and profound nature, information that lives on in their souls today.

The Crystal exists, a living, breathing, jewel of immense power and beauty, but She is sought by those who seek still to destroy the Plan of God, as they have done for millennia. If She were found, drilled, analysed, cut apart and sold for gain, human life on Earth would end for it would be the final desecration. This will not happen, for many guardians protect Her: the Plan of God depends upon Her.

Watch, for She is rising from Her hidden sanctuary now ready to lead those who are ready to the new world. You will see lands appearing where just there was sea, and you will see new seas covering the lands as once, so long ago, they did before. When you see this – for you will – you will know that beneath those lands land seas lie the great crystal Goddess of the past and the future. As the new lands settle and old lands disappear, as the landscape of Earth changes forever in the memory of Man, the crystal Herself will be seen once again and when this happens you will know all is right with the world.

Her colour, this time, will be that of fire, and indescribably beautiful.


(* Scientists have proof now that the centre of Earth is not molten lava as previously thought, but indeed is crystal)

Image by Didier Descouens.


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