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The Equinox, and Gaia’s Gifts


Equinoxes and solstices divide our year into neat quartiles, reminding us regularly of the seasons, of nature and the cosmos, and of the constant rhythm of the planet. They remind us of our ancestors and our past, and even in our mind-based, money-centred culture they make us wonder at their mystery, for we know they signify more than a new season, or the length of a day.

The equinox today sits lightly on the Cambrian Mountains, which are my home. Water is everywhere, in the air where rain is heavy, falling on saturated ground and into rivers already roaring in spate, into brimming ponds to the delight of frogs and toads and the water voles which love this place. It is very wonderful to see all the elements of nature in their spring abundance, and to be reminded of the supreme power of the Spirit of Water – who also is a metaphor for the emotions, and for Spirit.

Gaia and the equinoxI feel Gaia strongly around me on this vernal equinox – in many ways this is her day of celebration, as it is at the autumn equinox too. Clothed in green she breathes new life into her planetary children of the air and the earth, and they are responding to her generosity joyfully as they push forth new buds and prepare their nests busily.

Her mother-love for Earth is all-embracing, and we, the humans, are not excluded from the blessings and beauty she offers to us all. How much longer, I wonder, will we be blind to the wonders she presents to us, spurning wisdom from the whales, healing from the flowers, transformation from the crystals, and power from the trees? Our ignorance, and rudeness, must end, it is time.

Meanwhile, as Gaia continues to give with all her heart, she weeps for us who do not understand that her world, Earth, can flourish without the human race, but we cannot survive without her. Her tears, today, as the rain falls on this equinox, are a reminder of what we have and what we have lost, and of what we have to do. It is a perfect day to give thanks for her gifts, and to honour our world.




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