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The Japanese Tsunami on US Shores, and Karma

As the detritus from the Japanese tsunami continues to wash up on US shores, these signs of our global connectedness are another example of karma in action.

It is an understandable concern for western states such as Oregon and California that not only are they finding inanimate objects such as bottles, bikes, parts of houses and even a complete dock landing on their beaches, but now living organisms like crabs and plants are arriving too, species which could damage the native eco-system seriously if they became embedded. It is not a new phenomenon: every explorer, sailor or plant finder since the earliest days of travel has deliberately or unwittingly returned from their travels as an importer of often invasive alien organisms which have sometimes done much harm, but it is not so usual for it to have been caused by an uncontrollable force of nature and it may, indeed, be karmic retribution for man’s carelessness with our planet in the past.

The repercussions of the tsunami – with more, perhaps, to come – show too what a small world we inhabit and how what happens on what part of it can directly affect another, just as weather patterns somewhere far away can nonetheless dictate the climate of your country or mine. It behoves us to retain a sense of responsibility and loving concern for every where and every thing because we are a part of it, and what occurs elsewhere touches us too. To ignore or separate from the challenges of another place or people will bring the same experience straight to us, for that is how the Law of Karma works. Karma is a tough teacher, but also is the best.

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