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The Last Supermoon


2016 has been remarkable for its lunar ending, when the last three months of the year have each been graced by a Supermoon.

The Full Moon on Wednesday 14th December will not only be very close to Earth, but it will be accompanied by a Geminid meteor shower as a spectacular cosmic finale. If the night is clear, the brilliance of the moonlight will compete with the magic of a magnificent display of shooting stars, the meteors from the vicinity of Gemini that are seen every December. It will be entrancing.

It will be significant and meaningful too, as all astronomical and astrological alignments always are. The message of this Full Moon is about the importance of balance and realignment, about using this time to take stock of ourselves and to see where we need to recalibrate our physicality and our spirituality. The powerful energy of the Supermoon will enhance the vibrational pull of Mother Moon; it will shout not whisper her counsel and it will dazzle your eyes to ensure you see everything she wants you to do. On Wednesday, hear her, see her, and feel her, for she will not be this close to you again, in this way, for a long time.

The shooting stars of Gemini, the messenger of communication and of change, will throw their arrows of light into the full-moonlight and into you, further strengthening the beat of the message to ensure it is unmissable. The stars will tell you about you, about choices, and about being ready for the new world that is being born now.

If you are lucky, they will show you the golden grid of Light that covers Earth, every point of Light a soul, one point of Light – you. Look, and you may see it, your star, your point of Light, a star that is brighter than anything else in the night sky, enhanced by a Supermoon like no other.

Magic is in the air.



(Photo by Asim Patel)


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