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The Lessons in Seeing Two Moons

We are surrounded by many inter-dimensional portals, but pre-occupied as we so often are by the limitations of being human they can be invisible – and something precious then is lost.

When I speak of being human, I am talking about being locked into a framework created by mind and by emotion in which soul and spirit lie largely forgotten as we are distracted by wants, what-ifs, labels, expectations, attachments and conditionalities. Our biggest human challenge is to learn to see them for what they are when they arise in ourselves (and others), and to move beyond them.

Without them we can be ourselves, soul and spirit alive and visible in the physical vehicle which is our body and personality. Without them we are limitless as we share God’s great adventure in perfect joy. Without them we can move effortlessly through different dimensions and experience the miracles that are part of this in our human lives, naturally and gracefully, but in order to do so we need an innocence of trust and openness, and a loving heart.

Last year I wrote in my website blog about seeing, one summer night, two full moons appearing, coming together and then separating, and the meaning of this special event. Readers were interested, but they saw it as a dream or vision, or imaginary, not understanding that I had described something real, something that was part of my reality. I have stood with others who similarly have seen extraordinary suns, moons and stars in daylight above us. Such spectacular gifts are to be found everywhere, but so often our mental programming confines us to the limitations of the third dimension and prevents us seeing what else is there.

This will change one day, and it is not so far away. Next time I will say more, perhaps about black cats that play with stars.

30 thoughts on “The Lessons in Seeing Two Moons

  1. I thought perhaps I was having some sort of double vision episode, yet everything else around me was singular, the trees, structures, etc.
    I saw two full moons recently as you stated ” one summer night, two full moons appearing, coming together and then separating”. It was like the eyes of God were speaking to or seeing me. Mesmerizing.
    I would love to read your blog about it, but could not find it.
    Could you let me know where I could find your writings?
    Thank you,

  2. Early this morning at 1.30n am I was guided to go outside at look up at the moon. being a full blood blue Super Moon Lunar Eclipse I knew something magickal was about to happen as I had just finished an invocation and intention ceremony for humanity. And then sure enough, as I looked up at Luna, she began glowing intensely and then pulsating as if she were giving birth, then as if by magick she started to seperate into two and there they were, two beautiful bright white Full Moons.

    At first, I thought I may just be tired considering it was early hours of the morning and way past my rest time but when I looked away and then looked back they were still there. then something extraordinary happened a message ‘IS’ appeared in the sky, a cloudless sky mind you except for these two cloud like letters. I can only say that the message I received at the time was in regards to ourDivine Mother ISIS and that soon the Masculine and Feminine Moons would unite and be as ONE again.

    All Love. Blessed Be

  3. I have seen six moons. I took pictures only three showed up i video taped it as well. Its quit an exsperience since i have only see five till now and got them on camera. Along with a double cresent moon.

  4. Idk if anything magical is happening but I see two Moons right now and they keep separating and coming back together. I wanted to know what it meant.

  5. Not last night but the night before I was outside around 10:30 PM looking up at the stars and the moon. Now this wasn’t a full moon. While looking at her I started seeing shimmering lines of light coming down from her then the moon became 2 moons. I thought at first maybe my eyes had crossed but when I looked at the stars they were the same and the trees were the same. I looked back up and the moon once more became 2 moons then they came together and separated again. I watched this in wonder it was so awesome and beautiful with the shimmering white & silvery & gold lines of light coming from both of them. Thank you for your post on this. Now I just need to find the meaning to what I saw.

  6. I’m in a difficult timein my life I just saw two moons at the beginning of February I thought I was losing my mind what does it mean

  7. I just saw two moons. It freaked me out I called out my neighbors. One neighbor saw it. The rest did not. I stare at the moon nightly while walking my dog and have never seen this.

  8. I also had the same experience this year in may 2020. I was laying in my bed amd looked at thw night sky and saw two half moons. The one was white and the other yellow. It was very strange. I rubbed my eyes and looked again and it was still there. Very interesting

  9. Last night I say two moons I woke my wife and she couldn’t see them am I going outta my mind I thought like the rest at first double vision but everything around me was one what it mean?

  10. About 2:50 March 31 / 2021 almost full moon.
    I saw 2 moons with both eyes, it was not double vision.
    So I put my left hand over my left eye and only 1 moon I saw.
    I removed my hand from eye and saw 2 moons again.
    So I put my right hand over my right eye and only 1 moon I saw.
    I removed my hand from eye my right eye saw 2 moons again.
    So I did this for about 15-20 min.
    It was great but I don’t know why?

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