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The Longest Solstice Light

The energy of long Solstice light woke me early today on this the longest day, along with the pre-dawn song of early blackbirds and the chatter of bats returning to their roosts in the cedar shingles under my windows.  It feels momentous, infinite, rich and transitory, a day to remember but which in the human passage of time I am likely to forget.  It does not matter.

The light comes up but it has no colour, yet all I see is a palate of shades of tree green and creamy blossom stirring in God’s breath, imprinted with the occasional flash of wildlife colour; it is as if my house and human life do not exist, today, as the power and beauty of the natural world dominate all I see and feel.  It is their day too.

This is a precious time when human cares and imperatives can be forgotten, just for a while, and it is a moment such as this that reminds me of the importance of enabling this blending of senses and Spirit through pausing and being.  On this Solstice day, as the world around me sleeps, I feel the hand of God upon this sacred land and know it is on you, too; it is the touch of loving reassurance and a reminder that we are part of God’s plan and have work to do.

It is easy to get lost in the magic of spiritual practice or the mundanities of modern life, doing the one to avoid the other perhaps or just forgetting about the need to have both: the scales of balance between the two aspects of who you are may tip unevenly from time to time, but being aware and attentive will ensure an overall perfect equilibrium.  Today, the Solstice, is a day of balance as well as stretched light and shortened shadow – of the human and the spiritual and also of past and future to achieve a constant, abundant, fearless present which is forever.

If you can, today, let this be a light-filled day of tranquil harmony, when you appreciate the blessings of your humanity and feel, perhaps, the empowering presence of Spirit everywhere.  It is a day to give thanks for the past and to look forward to the future, a day for endings and beginnings. 

The shadows will lengthen soon as lunar not solar energies strengthen, bringing their own blessings of mystery and change in a transitory world.  Enjoy this day of long light, meanwhile, knowing the next Solstice to come will be one of revolution.

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“…...the occasional flash of wildlife colour”