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The Meaning of this Christmas, as 2014 Beckons

Every religion has its special festivals, and however different the dates and manner of them are, the area of commonality is celebration of Spirit, sometimes represented by an external deity figure, sometimes relating to the human essence. Christmas is significant to Christians, but its meaning – the start of a story about profound and unconditional love – applies to every religion which is pure in heart, and to every person with heart.

At Christmas, the energy of the world softens and love is palpable, for even non- believers are reminded and moved by the message of this time, a message of joy and of hope to do with the love of God and the birth of the great Messenger of Love who planted even then the seeds of the Christ Consciousness in you. Many people still are unwilling to let the seeds within them wake from their dormant state and grow, but others do, or have, and so the Light of Spirit dazzles ever more, all the time. How is it with you, I wonder?

This Christmas of 2013, the precursor to 2014, has a particular significance: I wrote in my December newsletter about it being a time of choice and change:

“All around me I see people making decisions about their future, and more than ever before I am witnessing stark choices which are of the greatest importance to their souls: some are choosing, consciously, a path of light with Spirit in their life; others have decided to reject the spiritual way, preferring to focus on their third dimensional world of matter – each choice having major implications for their soul journey and perfect, because it is their choice.

The polarisation between these human paths is very great now, two long streams of souls heading in different directions, neither one right or wrong. Do not let anyone try to convince you to change your route, for some do and will, but be true to yourself and your beliefs. Do not listen to gossip intended to influence your choices, but be clear and discerning about what is real, what is true, what you know, and what you feel. Do not judge.

If you take these precepts into 2014, you will create a year of achievement and fulfilment, a time of illumination and of peace.”

The traditional Christmas message of thankfulness and hope has added poignancy this year as we embark on the greatest adventure we have ever known, moving to a new plane of existence which will be like Heaven on Earth. Spirit, the Christ Consciousness, is being renewed here again and again we can choose how far we wish to accept and integrate it, once and for all, or not. The Christmas story is real, it is being re-enacted and you are part of the play, one way or another. Even if you opt-out, you are in, and do not believe otherwise.

Since the December Solstice of 2012, there has been an acceleration of purpose and indeed inevitability about the implementation of the Plan of God as it affects you, for your choice in it is known now, even if not to you. 2014 will see the visible manifestation of what has been so long in the making, in the world, and in you.

This Christmas, for Christians and non-Christians alike, is a bridge between thousands of Christmases before and thousands more to come, even if the name of the season changes, as it will. When love is everywhere, when love is the key value in the human world, when man is at one with Earth and Sky, why will we need to remember Christmas, when it is Christmas in every second?

I wish you a happy Christmas, every day and in every way, with all my heart.


5 thoughts on “The Meaning of this Christmas, as 2014 Beckons

  1. Thanks for the timely reminder about the meaning of Christmas Claire and a reminder that we should also soften alongside the world 🙂 Merry Christmas and a peaceful and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Thank you for taking the trouble to write, Linda – and for your good wishes, which of course are reciprocated most warmly!

  2. And so the three astrologers (magi) followed the signs they had seen in the night sky and came to Bethlehem. And they came to the manger, greeting Mary, Joseph and the Prince of Peace. Jesus of Nazareth’s kingdom was never to be temporal, but one based upon Spirit. And it was, upending much hypocrisy in the process.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, Claire! 🙂

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