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The New Moon and Mercury Retrograde – a Welcome Combination

It is the new moon today and Mercury is retrograde: we have a powerful combination of freshness and confusion, rebirth and ongoing challenge, and many people are being affected by these conflicting energies.

It has been an extraordinary few weeks of Mercurian mischief-making, coming just as this new year is surging forward without restraint to compensate for the blockages of 2012. You may be one of those who feels as if you are in a tiny canoe which is being tossed along great rapids towards an enormous waterfall, and you are helpless, for now, to do anything but go with the flow – and while it maybe painful, it is good also. It teaches acceptance and trust, and shows how strong you are even in the midst of pressure or crisis whether it is a physical, mental, emotional or even a spiritual catalyst for change. Mercury retrograde in this year of acceleration is far more than an irritant; it is a masterful teacher.

Mercury retrograde?And now we have a new moon, a new cycle and the opportunity to put the difficulties of the past behind us as Mercury’s influence shortly begins to wane until the next time he turns backwards, at the end of June. It may help to remember that the less you try to control your life events the more you are in charge, the more choice you have and the easier your journey through life will be. If, as you hurtle through the rapids in your small craft, you try to stop you will probably capsize and may be hurt or more, but if you let the canoe – built for this purpose – go its own way according to its rhythm and your matching rhythm, all is likely to be well. You are guiding it but effortlessly, choosing to allow it to take the perfect route through the choppy waters, to safety.

More and more we are being forced to choose between acceptance of the unknown or even the unsettling, and the past which has its own dangers. This is what this new moon and this retrograde Mercury are all about – the opportunity to be fearless or to fear. Which do you choose?

Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of “Spiritual Wisdom”.

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