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The Prophecy of the Two Suns

In recent weeks, certain scientists talked of the possibility of there being two suns influencing Earth. The flurry of interest in the evidence-based idea soon died – for now.

The theory is not a new one: Jesus spoke of the time when there would be two suns, and it is a part of the lore of the Mayans and the Hopi Indians. More esoterically but for me as importantly is the description in the earliest spiritual scriptures of how the Planetary Great Creator, depicted as the Sun, is overshadowed by another and even more powerful deity, a second sun who one day will be known when humanity is ready.

The prophecy of the two suns has been interpreted as meaning that, when two suns are seen, the world is about to undergo a period of intense change, followed by a cycle of realignment and healing. The deeper spiritual significance is that the great Earth changes that are so widely anticipated will result in a profound shift in the consciousness of men and women everywhere, and the releasing of a surge of new spiritual energy.

I do not doubt that this new cycle of planetary evolution is life-changing in an inter-dimensional sense: we are about to be part of something that has never been experienced on Earth before, and it will enable us to see and know what has been hidden for ever. It will be both wonderful and remarkable – too much for some people but long-awaited perfection for others.

I believe there are two suns and two Gods, and I believe the proof certainly of the former will be given soon. If and when it happens, suspend your disbelief and feel – feel the presence of God becoming ever closer, and feel the majesty of whatever power may lie beyond. Our world is so much greater than we can imagine, now, and the ancient prophecy of the two suns means so much more even than the prophets of old knew. And the angels are starting to sing.


(Image by Arun Kulshreshtha)

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