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The Sacred Symbolism in Life and Death

When a being is hovering between life and death, the opportunities for healing and growth are enormous, and, as importantly, new channels of communication emerge, sacredly and symbolically.

I am talking about life and death in the human sense, as it is generally understood to be, but life and death is symbolic also and applicable far beyond our mortal world. The process can be energetic and inter-dimensional, affecting Gaia and that which lies far beyond our planet, it can be emotional, mental, part of a spiritual initiation or the death of a culture. Life and death is part of everything and occurs all the time, even in ways as small as the death of a hair on your head: in its way it too, like everything, has had its choice of living or dying.

life and deathIf anything or anyone is at the point of this ultimate surrender, one way or another, the soul of the being is in an exalted state of spiritual limitlessness – and remember, everything has a soul or a soul connection, even that hair. The soul knows what is occurring and so, of course, does Spirit, but often those who are observers or indirect participants do not understand that this is a point in time where they too can be involved – the souls being willing – through communication of the profound and powerful. Soul may talk with soul and the human beings which are their vessels can be involved also. The veil is allowed to drop.

Choices about life and death are visible all around us now as the old ways begin to drop away, and people are at the point of determining if and how they will be a part of the new epoch. If someone close to you is confronting death or life, know that even if the individual is far distant, this is a time when you can communicate everything you wish to say effortlessly, through heart and soul, and s/he will hear you and will respond, and you will hear also. You may even see them with you, bright and vibrant and in joy in the gift of death and of continuing life that they have been given.

Do not attempt to direct their choice for it is theirs alone to make, but know your love and your wisdom will do much to help them, whatever they choose to do. It will, most certainly, help you too.



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