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The Solstice bringing Christmas Continuity and Change

Today is poignant, marking the completion of the embedding of the Solstice energies as well as the start, in 2012, of the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Jesus as He is known to us by history and repute would be happy to see the day when His message of love some two thousand years ago begins to be manifested as a reality and not, as it is for many now, just an aspiration or idea.  When He taught before, His audience was limited; now His credo will be universal, for this is what the Solstice is all about – the new age of man where man at last will understand what it means to be spiritual while also being human, and what being spiritual, in itself, really means: loving life, loving others and loving the Planet, unconditionally.

Already this Christmas has a sense of change about it, even turbulence as I witness loss and sadness for some, ill health and uncertainty for others, a breaking of the rhythm of familiarity and stability of the celebrations of years gone by. For those whose Christmas is affected by the touch of energetic dissolution, the changes will bring opportunity for renewed and stronger joy in family and in community and in a new sense of spiritual connection. Others of you may feel the transition in other ways, positively and optimistically and now, in the certain knowledge of where your future in the new era lies, even if, necessarily, you know no details of how it will manifest.

Sunrise in WalesYou who read my words today, let the light and the love of your heart go out to those who grieve or suffer, including to yourself, perhaps. Remind them, from your heart, that change while sometimes painful always brings great reward, and that this Solstice, this Christmas, are preparing us for a time of magic and wonder, peace and love such as we have never known before. The clouds of human tears are almost gone.

I wish you so very well at this special time, and hope you may continue to walk with me, as you choose, in the months and years of spiritual celebration to come.


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