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The True Story of Jesus?

An intriguing but little-reported story yesterday was the discovery of early Christian tombs in Jerusalem which are claimed to be those of the Disciples, lying close to the burial site of Jesus, Joseph, Mary and others of that family. The story is more wish than truth, I suspect.

It caused me to remember, however, that the life of Jesus marked the beginning of a new era of spiritual hope, though it proved to be more about the sowing of seeds than the realisation of Christ Consciousness on Earth. Without those seeds, which have taken some 2000 years to grow, we would not be seeing the awakening of humanity now as part of the movement towards the new consciousness, the Christ Consciousness in manifestation. This is such an important time for us as spiritual beings and for the future of our beautiful planet, and because it is the completion of what Jesus began it is fitting that all those who were present then are in incarnation now, witness to these great events, rewarded for their commitment, whatever part they played.

The story of Jesus is far more than a ministry of teaching for just a few years, essential though the true teachings are. In Him is encapsulated the human story and the soul journey, and profound spiritual truths lie at the heart of that part of His life which is not recounted in the Bible, hidden years of great richness and divine mystery. It may be that that the time has come for the truth about his life to be revealed, and of those closest to him, though many will disparage what is said.

One day not so far from now it will come and he will come too, not as the figure of Jesus this time but one in a group of men and women visible clearly as messengers from God. You who were there before may be part of these great events once more, the culmination of what was begun so long ago – but that is for you to choose, for it is your gift, from Him.

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