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This American Election: change, come what may

Romney supporters in this bitter presidential election are wrong to say it is a choice between change and more of the same, for change is inevitable whoever wins.

The ethos of polarisation is everywhere now, in your own life, in the traditional icons of democracy, even in the values of civilisation; it is all about choice, choice leading to change, and what we see being played out on the American stage is a fascinating example of how the known world is battling between retaining the status quo and enabling the adventure of the new in technology, finance, democracy itself and the expression of integrity.

Both Obama and Romney in their own ways are wedded to past ideologies which are old fashioned now, one favouring big, controlling government without economic reality, the other, driven by material values, determined to perpetuate the myth that Earth is here to be exploited for the benefit of man at whatever cost to the other occupants of her lands and seas. Neither has a visible sense of the importance of balance, compassion, honesty, responsibility and co-operation.

Obama’s presidential ship is on the rocks now: if re-elected some difficult truths, hidden for the duration of the campaign, will emerge and his tenure will be marked by scandal, ineptitude and a divided, suffering society – his ship will be forced onto a new and difficult course. Romney, by contrast, would force change upon his country no doubt with good intent but with consequences which could be damaging in the extreme, and irreversible. Neither men will heal, easily, a nation which is split to the core.

So, interesting times……and not depressing ones either. Change is confronting every country on Earth not just the United States, and catalysts for change are to be welcomed and applauded. Whoever is elected, the next President will do well in helping us all forward to the new era of sanity and spiritual realism, even if he does not know it yet.


One thought on “This American Election: change, come what may

  1. thats intreasting as i am `right in the energy of the election` here. can hear it on the TV!! Truth will out then if obama gets re-elected…..lots need to change here for sure! people are pretty fearful i think of ‘other ways’…seem to be stuck with familiarity.

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