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This latest Super-Moon in July, the Moon of Rebirth

All super-moons are special, each with their own meaning, and this July Super-Moon, on Saturday, is significant for its theme of rebirth. It is about your rebirth, your life and your death within your life, it is about the movement of your soul to union with Spirit, and it is about the rebirth of all that is, anywhere.

Some things are unstoppable and unchangeable, and this Super-Moon of rebirth, unusually, does not give choices. It is as if you are on a moving escalator with no way of getting off, though you can, if you wish, accelerate your journey by jumping up the stairs rather than standing still. Passivity, or reluctance, may delay the opportunities for rebirth, but cannot stop the renewal occurring; joyful acceptance will make this process, inevitable as it is, less painful than otherwise it might be, and certainly will bring it about sooner for you.



As, nightly, I watch the moon swelling more and more in anticipation of the climax of this special cycle, I hear a celestial clock ticking away the minutes, counting down to the time when everything changes, when the world turns upside down and inside out and a new way of life emerges from the crumbled, obsolete body of the old way. This new birth is a rebirth that has been long in the planning, the grand finale of this phase of a cosmic Master Plan that is, for now, beyond comprehension but that involves you intimately.

If you can, look at the July Super-Moon on Saturday with clear eyes, and with gratitude for her help in the realisation of your unfolding. It is about more than your renewal, however, it is about the rebirth of the global community too and our sad relationship with the Planet. Give your thanks and your prayers for the imminent new era of the new consciousness – for that is what this Super-Moon, really, is all about.


[Full Moon Photo by Paasikivi]


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