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This September Full Moon

Esoterically speaking, the full moon that falls today, close to the mid-point of the day in the UK, is symbolised by Virgo; the Virgo celebration is the one moon in the year which, more than any other, is about maternity.

The keynote words for today, from ancient scriptures, are: “I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter, am.” The words are opaque while being beautiful, and it does not matter if you do not fully understand them, for another aspect of this Virgo moon is mystery. You are not meant to know, but perhaps to wonder, if you choose, how they apply to you and to the Plan of God of which you are an essential part: this moon is about blindness, the blindness which comes from the spiritual Veils of Oblivion placed over your eyes of knowing at birth, and the blindness which precedes the wonders of the Light, soon to be returned to you – for this is gestation before your birth fully into the Light of God.

full moonEvery year one of our moons is full in the sign of Virgo, and each time it is unique in its power for that time in its life. It is not just about you, though that is important, but it is about the Planet also and her present journey of transition and rebirth, which is shared, too, by you. Gaia is veiled also but her veils are thinning rapidly as cosmic secrets are unlocked to reveal the truth of Spirit: she starts to see the Light, but we have yet to learn to see.

Today, the day of the moon of the Mother, is a day to ponder, and a night to dream. We are given such gifts of opportunity and so often we choose to pass them by: let this day be different.


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