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Wesak, and the Blessing of Buddha

At exactly 2111 GMT on 18th May 2019, this Saturday, the moon will be full, and Lord Buddha will appear to bestow His blessing on you. It will be Wesak.

Legend has it that this great annual event takes place in the Himalayas in Tibet and involves, too, the Christ and all evolved souls. The ceremony consists of ritualistic preparation – movements, chanting and invocation – before Buddha arrives at the exact time of the full moon. As He approaches, a great silence falls, one that is filled with potent anticipation that increases as He enacts a water ceremony of blessing and purification: the Buddhic water is passed to the Christ, to His disciples, and then to all who are present, and whose honour it is to radiate its potency to the world. Buddha does not stay for long, for the intensity of His vibration can be overwhelming to those who are there, and the density of Earth’s energy hard for Him to endure for any length of time.

It is inevitable that you will be present at this ancient ceremony of Wesak, enacted year after year since the world began. You can be there consciously through meditation and visualisation, or you can trust your soul to be present whatever else you are doing in your human life, as it has done through many, many lifetimes. Whatever you choose to do, remember that of all the times in the year, this is the most important one, an opportunity to remember your spiritual connection and that you are a channel of light, a bridge between humanity and Spirit. You are an example by your actions and a teacher through your work and through your energy; you are important to the Plan of God.

Wesak, essentially, is about bringing the love of God into the hearts of man, thereby establishing Heaven on Earth. It is about compassion and enlightenment, trust and knowing. To reflect upon the meaning of Wesak, and its perennial truths, puts into context the transitory, temporary challenges of our small world such as Brexit and elections, and reminds us of what really matters – Gaia’s needs, Gaia’s future, and the Plan of God.

Wesak is a time of solemnity, reassurance and validation. It reminds us there is nothing to fear for us and our future world. We are in good hands.


(3 different meditations for Wesak, created and recorded by me in recent years, can be found here)


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