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Wesak – Mobilising the Light

In the early hours of tomorrow the moon will be full in the sign of Taurus, and it will be Wesak once again, the one time in the year that the great Lord Buddha returns to our world to give us directly the love and the blessing of God.

It is a time of light and of mobilising the light: it is a time when all the Beings of Light assemble to create ritual and  magic in the name of and for the sake of light, and it is our opportunity to enhance the light within and around us, assisted by Those who are the bearers of light. It is the time when shadows are forgotten, subsumed by a light of the greatest power possible.

Today, prepare for the light gently but with purpose and awareness, and tomorrow, if you will, feel the light and be the light in celebration of the great gathering of the Masters in a hidden part of Tibet. All awakened souls will be there, and so you will be a part of it too, sharing the joy of the Buddha’s return and taking His blessing into the world of man which you inhabit. Your presence at the Wesak gathering is as important as any, and it will confirm your place in the Plan of God, and help to move it forward to its wonderful completion.

You may listen to a free guided meditation for Wesak recorded by me here.

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