You are the Fire and the Light – but……

Remember, you are the fire, you are the light. In you all the elements of life and of Spirit reside.

The power this vests within you is not to be disregarded or trivialised, taken for granted or ignored; it is with you, in you, for a reason. The reason may be for self-discovery, or it may be to assist your purpose as the catalyst for change and the healer of Gaia’s wounds.

Fire LightsLook around you, and see how far and how deep the Separation extends. The human world, now, is at its lowest point: the abuse of power and the prevalence of sexual corruption once again are exposed among the famous, while, unseen and undisclosed, every minute sees a child molested, a woman beaten, a paedophilic film downloaded and an intent to hurt put into action. These people are damaged people, and it is sad that at a time when as a race we have the invitation, spiritually, to fly, there are so many who refuse to spread their wings towards the light. It is their choice, and they will be embraced into the light when they are ready.

Those who are oblivious to the light and the fire of life are half alive, for then the life of the soul flickers only. You who are of the light and the fire and the life have the soul that is vibrant, eager for yet more learning and yet more light, its eye always upon the goal of union with the greatest Light of all. Such disparity – the low with the high, the cruel with the kind, the abuser with the healer.

Do not judge the abusers, those amongst you who hurt so many including themselves. You have the gift of fire and light and life, and that gift is for your world, not just for you. Do not let your sense of it, and of you, create your own separation, for that is another form of abuse. Accept it, use it, give it, let it be an everyday thing in constant play, burning and cleansing, illuminating and enlivening in order to bring lost souls back to the reality they yearn for, and in order to heal all who hurt. You are the home of Spirit.


(Image By Khrul, CC BY 3.0,





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