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Your Part in Our Expanding Universe

It has been discovered that the universe is expanding 9% faster than it ought to be, and scientists do not have an explanation for why this is happening. Some say that it is because dark energy is becoming more potent and that it is directly responsible for the acceleration; whatever it is, it may indicate there is a “new physics of the universe” as Professor Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute has said.

So, our universe is getting bigger, and rapidly – and what about what lies beyond? The new cosmic physics may prove in time the spiritual truth that our universe is one of many universes, continuing on into infinity, each one greater in its cosmic majesty than the last – and each one expanding, like ours. There is no limit, no end to the cosmos, just as there is no limit to the number of dimensional planes that exist. It may well be that there is a direct correlation between the universes and the dimensions: just as there is a physical and spiritual aspect to Earth, so there is a physical and spiritual aspect to the cosmos, each affecting the other directly and powerfully.

Space is being stretched more and more, but rather than this causing a diminution in its power, it is instead being strengthened: scientists are puzzled by this, but I believe it is because of the increase in Light. While there is dark energy in our universe and others also, there is the energy of Light, too.

It is often forgotten that every good deed and kind thought, all spiritual good intent, creates Light in the soul of the individual that adds directly to the sea of Light that is Spirit. This sea of Light is growing bigger as an increasing number of people are seeking a peaceful, loving world and are doing their best to help achieve it. They may not know it, but they are doing their service for the Plan of God, whether it is through trying to help the Planet, through a dedicated spiritual practice, through helping in their community, through teaching disadvantaged children, or through rescuing hedgehogs. The Light they give and make and bring is what makes the Christ Consciousness – and through them, through you, the Christ Consciousness grows deeper and further as its cosmic home expands through the growth in Light.

The darkness of space is filled with Light, not just the incredible colours of stars and planets, but in the blackness itself, for God is everywhere. As you feel the universes accelerate in their expansion, take pride in this validation of your work, and marvel at the wonders of Spirit.



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